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Active since 07-09-2018 Job category Education / Coaching / Trainers
Location Delhi | Noida | Online Level Entry level/Graduate
Educational level Bachelor / Graduate Employment type Internship
Hours 3 - 6 Salary INR 10K - 15K per month
Bitcoin touched a market capitalization of over 100 billion dollars. In the year 2014, one Bitcoin could buy about 500 dollars, just three years later one Bitcoin buys 16,000 dollars. The Initial Coin Offering or an ICO is becoming the preferred method of raising money. Many countries like Dubai have announced their own crypto-currency called emCash.Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain are the most difficult technologies to understand. That's why most people including technology folks cannot understand the future direction of these technologies. The only way to understand anything complex is by going back to the basics.

This is what we are planning to do in this internship. We need to work on every byte of the Bitcoin blockchain that is downloaded on a computer and deliver it to Bitcoin Business user.

We are looking for Highly Skilled C++ and Python programmer with compulsory fundamental knowledge of Bitcoin & Blockchain and Fluency in ENGLISH. This INTERNSHIP is for a programmer.

We use code and not words to describe a Blockchain is. We believe that all kinds of people including non-technology folks will need some programming to grasp the basic concepts of the Blockchain. There is no other way to understand this technology.Finally, we end with the biggest use of Smart Contracts which is raising money using an ICO.

Our primary focus is on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum and Smart Contracts.International Currency transfers are very expensive today.

The advent of the Lighting Network and side chains, the Bitcoin blockchain can scale to a level where it can handle transactions faster than any credit card transaction. One of the recent bigger innovations of Blockchain technology is the Initial Coin Offering or an ICO. This will enable millions of people to invest in companies using Blockchain technology.

The INTERNS will help USERS understand the technologies under the hood that makes it happen.
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Job category Education / Coaching / Trainers
Industry / Industries Education / Training
Region India
Keywords bitcoin, blockchain, internship

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Name Devanshu Shukla